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Microsoft Project Synch to SharePoint

Publish all or selected tasks/deliverables to SharePoint for team collaboration.

Local Reporting Database for MSP

Publish data to local reporting database for easy timephased reporting for projects and resources.

Create and Archive Projects

Archive completed projects.

Roll-up Project, Risk, Issues, Change

Roll-up all project data to central portfolio view.  


PRINCE2 Project Template, Central Resource

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Project Creation and Management

  • Portfolio view for listing all Project status overview.
  • Automatically create projects (with pre-populated data) based on project type.
  • Automatically archive projects on completion.

Risk, Issue and Change Management

  • Quick Start with PRINCE2 based Risk, Issue and Change Management SharePoint Forms.
  • Automatically promote Risks to Issues.
  • Automatically promote Issues to Change.

Schedule Management

  • Plan using Microsoft Project Standard or in a web based environment within SharePoint.
  • Automatically synchronise and share selected project schedule data/deliverables. Simply share selected milestones or summary tasks instead of entire schedule.

 Resource Management

  • Manage central Resource Pool with cost rates and Resource Calendar/working times.
  • Manage Resource Availability centrally.
  • Publish Resource Capacity to local timephased reporting database.

Standardisation & Maintenance

  • Quick Start with PRINCE2 Template for managing projects.
  • Reduce cost - Use Microsoft Project Standard without need to upgrade to Professional.
  • Use existing tools and knowledge (SharePoint and Project) to configure, enhance and manage the solution. No additional learning, administration or specialised services is needed.

Automated Project Reporting

  • Automatically create Project High Light Report straight inside of Microsoft Word.
  • Design your own format/template and interactively include any of the project attributes, Risk, Issues and Change.
  • Add your own comments to the report. Ready for distribution.

SharePM Business Process flow

Business Issues

  • Project Managers using Microsoft Project Standard, unable to easily share Project Data with Team Members.
  • High cost of licensing Project Server on-prem for small business/departmental users to collaborate, especially as users require Project Server and SharePoint Enterprise and CALs. Using just the core PMO/PM licensing results in fragmented use;
  • Project Team Members unable to effectively collaborate on project documents, risks, issues and change.
  • Business Managers unable to get holistic view of all projects and their current status.
  • Small businesses/departmental users unable to procure, internally host, and administer enterprise Project Management Solutions. Project Server requires higher/specialised level of administration and training.
  • Project Managers want simple familiar tools to manage projects i.e. Microsoft Project or within a simple web based environment, without any added complexities and learning.
  • Users of Microsoft Project unable to easily report across multiple projects and resources. Users unable to manage resource availability, report on capacity and resource loading.
  • Need to get started quickly with a simple, cost effective pre-built PM solution based on SharePoint Foundation/online.

What are the Business Benefits?

  • Cost effective solution built on free to use SharePoint Foundation. Also, works with SharePoint Online.
  • Reduced administration and learning
  • No need for MS Project Professional. Use MS Project Standard or web based planning via SharePoint. Share key Project Schedule deliverables with others. Or, publish entire project schedule.
  • Central local reporting database - Use Microsoft Excel to create and share simple Pivot Table reports. Get started with samples provided. Report across multiple projects, on timephased work, cost or resource availability and capacity.
  • Maintain central resource pool. Manage resource availability, report on capacity and loading.
  • Central project repository provides holistic view of all projects and their state.
  • Collaborate with other Team Members on Project artefacts; Risk, Issues, Change, Documents etc.
  • Quick Start with PRINCE2 Template.

Versions: 2010, 2013, 2016

Supports: SharePoint Foundation, Server and Online

Want a simple & Cost Effective solution for managing Projects and Resources?

  • Works with SharePoint Foundation (free to use)/online.
  • Use familiar tools - Microsoft Project Standard, SharePoint and Excel for reporting
  • Integration with Microsoft Project Standard: Plan within SharePoint directly or Publish key deliverables from Microsoft Project to SharePoint.
  • Centralise your project data: Manage your portfolio of projects, resources, risks, issues and change at PMO level.
  • Central Resource Pool with availability and capacity management.
  • Standardize the way you work. Create multiple types of projects based on schedule and workspace templates.
  • Manage project Risks, Issues and Change with automated promotion.
  • Central local database for Project and Resource reporting.
  • Automated Archiving of projects.
  • Quick start with PRINCE2 Template.
Microsoft Project Server Automated Archive and Recovery Solution

SharePM® - SharePoint for Project Management! Small Business Solution

Want a SharePoint based, simple, low cost solution for managing Projects and Resources?

SharePM (SharePoint Project Management) helps you get started with a simple, low cost Project Management Information system (PMIS) built on SharePoint Foundation/online.  Ideal for smaller organizations or departments looking for a simple, low-cost, entry-level, Web-based Work/Project Team collaboration. Manage your projects, resources and associated artefacts in a central collaborative environment using pre-built/configured templates and automation to get you started quickly and effectively.