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Microsoft Project Server Automated Archive and Recovery Solution

EPM Resource Rate Replicator based on Skill/Generic Rate

Want to set Resource Rates en-mass?

Automatically update/replicate Enterprise Resource Rate structures en-mass, based on a Skill or Generic Rate structure template with ‘Resource Rate Replicator’. Apply multiple timephased cost rate structures to resources belonging to same skill set or team/grade. Save Administrative time and effort. Improve productivity and accuracy for project forecast costing! Do more with less!!


Applies: Microsoft Project Server 2013-2016 and Project Online

Clone/replicate Resource cost rate tables changes for multiple resources based on generic/template resource

Save time & effort by automating update of timephased cost rate structure for resources in Enterprise Resource Pool  


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Configuration Application

Configure and map application to your existing deployment to enable short listing and filtering of resources.

Resource Rate Changer

Change resource rate structure for multiple resources based on a generic/template resource.

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Data sheet

  • Configuration application for mapping to your existing deployment.
  • Load Manpower (named) Resources. Filter combination for further fine tuning your selection of resources for example by Skill or Grade.
  • Select Generic Resource (Place Holder) whose rate tables are to be replicated to the filter Manpower Resources.
  • Click UPDATE to commit the change.
  • Save and Check-in Enterprise Resources.
  • Simple and easy to use. No additional training required.

Effectively Manage Enterprise Res Rates

Accurately Plan Project Costs

  • Within Microsoft EPM, there is no OOB capability to copy rate structures from one resource to another i.e. there is no way to quickly apply the rate table structure of a Skill/Generic Resource to all the resources of the same skill or attribute.
  • Resource Managers (RMs) wasting a lot of valuable time and effort manually setting resource rate structures within Microsoft EPM.
  • Unable to access or expose the resource rate structures to simply copy and paste from one resource to another. Note: Resource Managers need to open up each resource individually within Project Professional and see/update the rate table structure. This can be a very time consuming activity.
  • Passing on this time-consuming administrative function to admin staff requires the use of Project Pro license.

Business Issues

Project Server Resource Rate Replicator

Improved end-user adoption of Microsoft EPM

  • Reduced effort of manual keying in all the resource cost rate tables.
  • Quickly set/update cost rates for a group/set of resources if they are of the same type.
  • Get Project and Resource Managers doing more with EPM in less time!!

Improved Planning and Forecasting Capability

  • Get accurate forecasts by keeping the resource cost rates updated.  

Improved Reporting

  • Improved Project and Portfolio cost reporting if the resource rates are kept updated.

Cost Effective Solution for Integration

  • Simple and cost effective solution that maps to your EPM Deployment.

Automated EPM Resource Rate Replicator

  • Quickly and efficiently set/update Enterprise Resource rate structures en-mass, instead of individual staff rate updates.
  • Replicate rate structures for group of resources based on rate structure of a Skill/Generic Resource.
  • Improve productivity and accuracy for project forecast costing by ensuring all the resources of a particular skill have the same rate structure.
  • Configurable solution that maps to your Microsoft Project Server/Online  deployment.
  • Save Administrative time & effort.
  • Improve system adoption.
  • FREE Tech Support and Maintenance
  • Above all, Simple, Cost Effective and Easy to Use!!

Versions: 2010, 2013, 2016, online

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