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Microsoft Project Server Automated Archive and Recovery Solution

Manage multiple versions/Snapshots of Projects


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Personal Backup

Addon for taking snapshots of projects and/or entire Programs with sub-projects.

Personal Recovery

Restore/recover previous versions/snapshots of projects and/or entire program with sub-projects.

Restore System Archive/Backup

Restore previous system backups directly from PWA, without needing access to SharePoint CA.

Rule based Auto Backup Project Retention

Auto backup retention policy per projects or by EPT.  

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Data Sheet

Personal Backup


Project Professional Addin for taking snapshots/restore points of projects prior to major change.

Addon for taking snapshots of projects directly from Project Web App (PWA), prior to major change.

Take snapshots of Projects and/or entire Programs with sub-projects.

Personal Recovery


Easily restore/recover previous versions/snapshots of projects and/or entire program with sub-projects.

Ability to restore even the system backups.

Auto Backup Retention Policy Per Project Type


Setup auto backup retention policy for individual projects or by Enterprise Project Type (EPT).

Restore and Cleanup System Backups


Restore previous system backups directly from PWA, without needing access to SharePoint Central Admin.

Clean up/delete system backups  and personal backups.

Business Issues

Project Server/Online supports only single version of live project


Only one version of the project is maintained as a live entity within Project Server/Online

Maintaining multiple copies of projects results in duplication of costs, resource loading, issues with master project/programs, project site links and cross project dependencies etc.

Unable to roll-back changes after saving project data


The out-of-box functionality restricts users from undoing the changes after a save event. The multiple undo's only work up to the last save.  Any change done on the project schedule, prior to the save event, will be committed and cannot be undone.

Unable to Restore System Backups due to access to SharePoint CA


Project Server Administrators are not able to restore system backups of projects as they do not have access rights to SharePoint Central Administration portal. They are reliant on SharePoint Administrators.

Unable to setup different/specific backup retention policies per project or by EPT


The out-of-box backup functionality is restricted to only one retention policy that applies to all the projects in the PWA instance.

Issue with keeping multiple project file copies for what-if-analysis


Keeping project file copies externally, outside of the server, and then re-importing causes issues with data corruption, project site integration, cross-project dependencies.


Improved What-if-Analysis Capability

  • Overcome the restriction of out-of-box EPM functionality and enable users to save multiple scenario versions of Enterprise Projects and Programs for what-if-analysis.
  • Review impact of project change on overall Programs, various resourcing options, external project dependencies and Project Portfolios via built-in EPM Tools i.e. Project Centre, Data Analysis Reports or custom Reports.  
  • Restore previously saved states/models, following completion of analysis. Improve your business’ ability to quickly assess impact of project change and adapt.

Easy Recovery of all Backups

  • Recover system backups and personal backups directly from PWA without the need to access  SharePoint Central Administration

Individual Project Based Auto Backups

  • Overcome the limitation of out-of-box EPM functionality of single retention for all projects.
  • Setup Rule based Auto Backups for individual projects or by type

Versions: 2010, 2013, 2016

Microsoft Project Versioning

(Restore Points)

Take multiple snapshots of Projects or entire program for detailed what-if-analysis scenarios;


  • Analyse different scenarios (options) and assess impact on cost and schedule within entire program prior to committing change to program/portfolio.
  • Model Enterprise Projects or entire Program with various resourcing scenarios to address over-allocation of key enterprise resources, using your existing reporting tools.
  • Safely recover/restore any of the previous versions/states following completion of analysis.


Overcome the constraints of working with cross project dependencies and need to maintain multiple versions of projects for options analysis.


Personal Backup & Recovery - Create, Restore and cleanup any of the project backups (System as well as personal versions)


Overcome the need for access to SharePoint Central Admin. Restore system backup directly from PWA.


Unattended Auto backup service with retention policy per project or by Enterprise Project Type.

“Work the way you want to and analyse projects & programs without limitations”

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Enterprise Project Versioning/Snapshots

Want enhanced What-if-Analysis Capability?

Enhance the ‘Out-of-Box’ capabilities of Microsoft Project Server by enabling users to save multiple what-if-analysis scenarios (i.e. snapshots/versions) of projects to the server for review/analysis e.g. approval of change, assessment of impact on overall program or portfolio. Be free to explore various options without limitation. Easily restore earlier version/snapshot of project plan if needed.

Analyse and adapt quickly to change. Make decisions faster!!

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