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Microsoft Project Server Automated Archive and Recovery Solution

MSPHub - Microsoft Project Hub

Want a central data store for Microsoft Project plans?

Don’t have Project Server/Online? Don’t have Project Professional?

Use Project Hub to publish Microsoft Project plans to a central database for consolidated timephased reporting across all projects planned using Microsoft Project Standard.  Slice & dice timephased project data (cost and work by Project type/attributes) using Microsoft Excel Pivot reporting.

Publish Resources’ Calendar with working times to Project Hub and manage resource capacity, availability and loading/allocation across all projects.

Use familiar, industry standard, Microsoft tools to get the results you want. Ideal for small businesses, teams/departments in large organisations.



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Central Reporting Database

Central Reporting Database for Publishing Project & Resource Data.

Microsoft Project Addin - Project

Addin for Microsoft Project to publish timephased project data with project attributes.

Microsoft Project Addin - Resources

Addin for Microsoft Project to publish timephased resource loading/allocation, resource calendar with working time and exception, along with attributes.

Reporting Framework

Microsoft Excel reporting framework for timephased reporting across projects and resources..  

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Microsoft SQL Database


Central database for publishing Project and Resource Data. Use any existing instance of SQL Server or Free express edition.

Addin for Microsoft Project for Publish Project Data


Publish timephased project data to central reporting database. Publish Project attributes for reporting filter and roll-up of data. Clean up existing or delete old project data.

Addin for Microsoft Project Resources


Publish resource calendar working times with exceptions. Publish resource assignments to reporting database.



Microsoft Excel Pivot table reporting framework for reporting timephased project and resource data (Capacity, availability and allocation).



Unlimited users per instance of Project Hub.

Free deployment assistance. Free Technical Support

Versions: 2010, 2013, 2016

Manage Enterprise Resources

Plan & Manage Multiple Projects

Business Issues


High cost for full blown PPM to serve simple business requirement of cross project reporting.


Users are licensed for Microsoft Project Standard and do not have Professional edition.


Users are unable to report across multiple standalone projects effectively and share timephased work and cost reports with others.


Business Managers are not able to accurately undertake resource capacity planning without a centralised system where resource calendar working times and exceptions can be published. Lack of capacity planning, resource availability and loading across multiple projects in the business.


Users are not ready for any major changes in business processes and they do not have any administrative/PMO and system resources to configure, manage and maintain a full blown PPM solution  

Business Benefits


Beneficial to small businesses/departments needing simple cross project timephased reporting capability.

Overcome limitation of administrative resources and lengthy approval for PPM system changes.


Use industry standard simple planning and reporting tools and not be constrained by costly full blown PPM solution when all you need is simple timephased reporting across multiple projects and resources.


Publish project and resource data to a central local SQL database for BI reporting.


Manage resources in a central pool or locally on projects. Maintain and publish resource calendar working times to central reporting database. Report on Resource Capacity, Availability and allocation across multiple projects.


Limited changes to existing business processes and internal systems. Get started quickly with existing systems and benefit from centralised reporting capabilities.   

Versions: 2010, 2013, 2016


Use Standard Microsoft Tools for Planning


Use Microsoft Project Standard for Planning Projects.

Use Microsoft Excel for reporting across all projects.

Central Repository for Project & Resource Data


Publish Project to central local SQL database for cross-project reporting and slicing & dicing timephased data. Publish resource calendar working times centrally for resource management reporting.

Project Management


Use Microsoft Project Templates to standardise planning across multiple PMs. Publish project data when ready for BI reporting across multiple projects.  

Resource Management


Manage Resources centrally or locally on projects. Publish resource attributes such as role, dept, skill etc to central database. Report on resources' capacity, availability and loading across multiple projects.

Reduce Costs, Constraints and Administration


Don't be limited to a full blown PPM solution when it may not be what is required for a small business/ department needing simple aggregation and cross project, resource management reporting.

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