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Scalable Project & Work Management Solutions


Selecting the right Project & Work Management Solution

That is scalable and evolves with you as your business needs grows!


Often Small businesses, or departments in large enterprises, are shoehorned into making a single choice. They are faced with a dilemma of choosing a full blown Project Portfolio Management (PPM) system when all they want to do is perform very simple functions/operations.  They may not need all the bells & whistles and complexity of a PPM Solution. They may also not have the budget or administrative resources to administer and maintain a full blown PPM Solution. Or, they may have a very complex and lengthy procurement (licensing) process for a new full blown enterprise solution.

These businesses need a simple project/work management solution that centralises their data and reports across multiple projects, manage resource capacity, use existing tools and minimises business process change. Some may additionally want to make use of their existing SharePoint deployments for project team collaboration. These user can start with MSPHub and graduate to SharePM (SharePoint for Project Management that includes MSPHub) and later to Microsoft Project Server/Online as their business needs grows. Selecting the right solution for your business is critical to ensuring successful end-user adoption of a new system.

The matrix below provides an insight into the feature comparison of the solutions. Contact us for FREE Demonstration & Trial>>>

Want a Project/Work Management Solution that is right for your Business?

Business Needs

Microsoft Project

MS Project Hub



(Incl MSPHub)

Microsoft Project Server/ Online

Use MS Project Standard 2010-16

(no need to upgrade to Project Pro)

Use MS Project Professional 2010-16

Individual Project Planning

Multi-Project Planning

Central Repository - Reporting Database

Resource Pool Management

(Capacity, Availability and Loading across multiple projects)

Timephased Reporting

Across multiple Projects, Resources

Project Team Collaboration;

  • SharePoint 2013 Foundation
  • SharePoint Server 2013/2016
  • SharePoint Online

Project Centre/Portfolio View

(Project Status, Risk, Issues, Change Roll-up to PMO)

Enterprise capabilities;

  • Timesheeting
  • Resource Engagement
  • Project Portfolio Management
  • Demand Management Workflow