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Microsoft Project Server Automated Archive and Recovery Solution

Microsoft Project Server Automated Archive & Recovery Solution (ARS)

Want to improve performance of your existing environment?

Microsoft Project Server ARS is the one & only fully automated solution for archiving and recovering your projects with associated SharePoint workspaces. Improve end-user adoption and performance by archiving completed projects with ability to easily recover archived data when needed. Experience the complete project lifecycle.

Get the most out of your live Project Server and SharePoint 2010/2013 deployment by keeping it lean & mean!!


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Admin Components/Server

Admin Archive & Recovery Manager. Multi-threaded mass batching service, manual and automated rule/criteria based scheduling.

Client Components/Server

Self Service Archive & Recovery by PMs + TM Access to Project Artefacts via Archive Centre

Hybrid Solution/Server

(Admin Components + Archive Centre)

Complete Package/Server

(includes all Four Modules i.e. Admin + Client)

Multi-Server/Farm License

Admin and Client Components for Unlimited Servers in the Farm and Unlimited Users

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Flexibility - Configuration application to easily map your existing system metadata/custom fields which can be used for mass archiving and recovery.


Multi-tenancy - supports multiple instances of PWA on same environment/farm.


Windows Application and Web based administrative tools for mass archive & recovery for remote access. Filtering capability for attributes such as completed projects, owner, type, department and more.


Automated Archiving based on User Defined Rules for Untended Continuous Processing.


Batch processing for Archive and Recovery, scheduled for off-peak times.  Scheduled timer job for administrative mass archive and recovery jobs.


Automated clean-up of system backups as the projects are archived. Choose either to clean-up all system backups or retain last copy.


Archived Project & Workspace Retention Policy. Configurable per project.


Self Service Archiving for PMs run on completion of project. Use with custom workflow.


Archive Centre - Access archived project data. Self-service recovery by PMs.


Self-Support - logs are in plain English, easy to read, understand/troubleshoot.

Business Issues


Within Microsoft Project Server, there is no out-of-box functionality for automatically archiving projects (with associated Workspaces) on completion and recovery when needed.


System performance issues (incl reporting) as result of build-up of old/ completed projects e.g. PWA pages fail to load, experiencing time-out issues.


System administrative burden. Administrators spending a lot of time undertaking numerous manual steps to hide/delete completed projects resulting in huge administrative burden.

Note: Manual steps undertaken involve adding projects to deny security groups or manually deleting projects or simply hiding projects from views.  


The manually hidden/deleted project schedules are completely divorced from their associated workspace.


Issues with Traceability of completed projects for audits, lessons learned, and follow ups. Users unable to easily access old completed project data for audits or to re-use/apply learning in new projects of similar type, after manually deleting, hiding etc.  


Unable to easily recover data. Administrators not able to easily recover deleted Project and re-link to Workspaces.


System adoption issue as users unable to follow through the entire project lifecycle.

Old completed projects remain visible when projects are accessed via Project pro or PWA.


Improved end-user adoption

  • Reduce clutter of old completed projects by archiving them regularly.

Improved Business Processes

  • Follow complete life cycle of project including archiving completed projects.
  • Empower PMs to archive own projects, by simply updating project attribute or automate with Workflow.

Improved Productivity

  • Fully automated processes for Archive and Recovery. Attended and Unattended. Reduce Administrative burden.
  • Continued access to important artefacts for archived projects and on recovery.

Improved Reporting capability

  • Reducing the clutter of old completed project improves quality of data and performance of reporting solutions.

Improved System Performance incl DR

  • Streamline your live databases - archive completed projects and clean-up system backups.

Versions: 2010, 2013, 2016



Projects and SharePoint Sites - Automated Archive and Recovery of both entities.


Access via PWA - No client side deployment or direct server access needed. Security Trimmed access for archiving & Recovery.


Mass/bulk processing capability for Administrators.

User defined Rule Based (unattended) Processing.

Self Service capability for individual project archive & recovery for Project Managers.


Simple, easy and self-intuitive controls with smart filtering with custom attributes, Modified dates, % Complete etc.


Continued access to project artefacts after archive and on recovery of projects.


Automated clean-up of system backups during final archive and Retention Policy to manage disc space.


Guaranteed Upgradability of Project Server DBs.

FREE Technical Support.

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