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Microsoft Project Server Automated Archive and Recovery Solution


Want to integrate Project Server/Online with Excel?  

Use the power of Microsoft Excel to Capture/ Manage additional Project Data e.g. initial budget, BOM, Cost Benefit Analysis, NPV, expenses, Actions List etc. Use this solution framework to embed Excel to any Project Detail Page (PDP). Synchronise values of selected Excel cells to and from Project Server fields.

Work the way you want to!! Utilize best of breed tools to achieve optimum results!!

Microsoft Project Server Integration with Excel



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Framework - Configuration App

PWA configuration for mapping Project fields to Excel Workbook cells.

Synchronise from Excel to Project Server/Online

Synchronise Multiple Excel workbook integration and unlimited Excel Cell mapping to Project Server/Online fields.

Synchronise from Project Server/Online to Excel

Map and synchronise multiple unlimited Project fields to multiple Excel workbook cells.


Support for multiple PWA instances.  

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  • Multi-tenancy - supports multiple instances of PWA on same environment/farm. Deploy on single server or multi server, multi-tier deployment.
  • Flexibility - Configuration application to easily map your existing system metadata/custom fields which can be used for integration with Excel ‘Cells’.
  • Add one of more Excel Workbook Templates in Project Workspace Template associated with Enterprise Project Types (EPTs). Embed/reference these in appropriate Project Detail Pages as per your business processes e.g. Bill of Material, Initial Cost Estimation, Project To-Dos/Actions, Cost Benefit Analysis, NPV Calculation etc.
  • For each Excel Workbook, specify one or more Project Server Custom Field mapping to Excel Cells/Name Ranges, for synchronisation.
  • Standardisation - Creating new projects based on configured EPTs, will automatically inherit the Excel integration. Data values in mapped cells in Excel will automatically be synchronised with associated Project Server Enterprise Attributes/Custom Field Values, on Save.

Versions: 2010, 2013, 2016

  1. Within Project Server there is no OOB capability to integrate with Excel data.
  2. Users try to create multitude of Enterprise fields and complex formulas in Project Server, to emulate calculations that would normally be done in Excel.
  3. Users undertaking analysis in Excel (e.g. BOM, Cost Benefit Analysis, Initial Budget), have to manually update Project Server Enterprise Custom Field values. This sometimes causes data inconsistencies and additional administrative effort.
  4. Users adding to-do and action items in Project WBS.
  5. Users not able to easily map their existing business processes to Project Server where some of the calculation is done in Excel.
  6. User Adoption issue as result of multiple points of data entry and disparate systems for calculating/analysing business data.

Business Issues

Improved end-user adoption

  • Enable end-users to work the way they want to without compromise and constraints. Analyse data in Excel.

Improved Business Processes

  • Map your business processes more closely with Project Server.
  • Use Excel for Project BOM, initial budget costs, Cost Benefit Analysis etc.
  • Use Excel to manage Project to do lists /actions. Focus on core Project objectives and reduce the clutter in Project Server.

Improved Productivity

  • EPM2Excel fully integrates with project server so there is no need for double entry or manual entry of calculated data.
  • Enhance your data analysis ability.

Improved Reporting capability

  • Get joined up reporting by integrating analysis data from Excel into Project Sever.


Versions: 2010, 2013, 2016

Microsoft Excel - Project Server Integration

  • Use best of breed tools to effectively manage your work/projects.
  • Map and automate business processes to Project Server closely without compromise using familiar tools.
  • Reduce Multiple Points of Data Entry.
  • Use Project data in Microsoft Excel for complex calculations, further data analysis and charting.
  • Integrate and Synchronise Microsoft Excel calculated cells with associated project custom Enterprise attributes/fields.
  • Dynamic configuration for mapping Excel calculated cells to Project Server Enterprise Custom Attributes/fields. Simple, intuitive & Easy to Use!!
  • Improve your analysis capability.
  • Be FREE to work the way you want to without Constraints and manual data entry.
  • FREE Tech Support & Maintenance

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