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Microsoft Project Server Automated Archive and Recovery Solution

Project Server/Online Category Manager

Want to automatically add projects to secure categories?

Use Category Manager to automatically add projects to security categories. Configure solution to Map project attributes (Enterprise Custom Field value) to categories, e.g. automatically add projects to departmental categories, Completed projects to Archive Project or to a secure category creating exceptions for confidential projects.

Reduce administrative efforts of manually adding projects to relevant categories and subsequently moving projects from one security category to another. Use the solution with EPT workflows based on project lifecycle.  Be productive! Do more with less!!


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Configuration Web Application

Map your business security requirements to Project Server/Online. Create flexible and dynamic rules for complex security requirements.


Map Project Server/Online Custom field value(s) to Security Categories. Create 1-1, 1-many or many-many relationships to serve different requirements.

Category Service

Hybrid service to automatically manage the membership of projects to different security categories.

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Technical Support

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Configuration Application


Map project custom field values to various project server/Online Security Categories.

Create flexible dynamic rules by mapping one to one, one to many or many to many relationships.


Configure mapping to create security access rules for firewalled projects, access for matrix business roles and archive projects.

Category Service


Configure service schedule to automatically update the membership of projects to categories i.e. remove from unmapped categories and add to new project categories.  



Supported platforms for solution: Project Server 2013, 2016 and Project Online

Free Technical Support & Maintenance


Free deployment assistance and Technical Support including maintenance

Versions: 2010, 2013, 2016/ Project Online

Business Issues


There is no Out-of-box method to automate the movement of projects between security categories based on state or attribute of project.


Huge manual effort to move project from one category to another to serve complex security requirements. This would be practically impossible to manually manage for large number of projects.


Users not able to effectively provide access to portfolio of projects for different roles e.g. department heads, resource managers, product managers etc. Unable to slice across a list of projects to categorise projects for different roles.


Unable to dynamically add and/or remove projects from security categories.


User not able to effectively follow the project life cycle to archive completed projects by removing them from existing security categories and adding them to deny categories.


User not able to easily link project access with user defined workflows.

Business Benefits


Ability to automatically add projects to multiple security categories for enhanced security models.

Supports any combination of security requirement.


Automatically remove projects from one category and add to another based on specific security requirements.  Example, from ' Project Manager category' to say Archived category on completion of project.


Automated rule based transfer of projects across security categories based on project attribute.


Reduce the administrative burden of manually moving projects between categories.


Reduce technical support requests for needing adhoc access to projects.


Automation solution built on top of existing Project Sever/Online Security model. Use existing learning/ knowledge to configure and manage the solution. No additional training needed.


Associate the solution with user defined project workflows to manage security.

Versions: 2010, 2013, 2016


Business Process Automation


Dynamic, rule based automatic addition of projects to project server/online security categories. Simply set project attributes in Project or within Project Template/Enterprise Project Type (EPT).

Departmental/Divisional Security


Manage user group access to departmental, divisional, program or portfolio of projects. Add Projects to multiple categories; one enabling PMs to edit own projects and other(s) to enable Product/Work-stream or Department managers access to their portfolio of projects.

Secure 'Fire-Walled' Category


Ensure that key sensitive projects (e.g. defence/ government projects), from a common portfolio, are accessed only by key staff.

Archive Completed Projects


Transfer of project from one category to another on completion e.g. Archive to deny access to those projects.

Integration with Workflow


Trigger the transfer of project from one category to another by a user defined workflow, by simply changing attribute(s)

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